With around 400,000 users per month, Teleboy is one of the most wide-ranging online TV services in Switzerland. You can watch over 130 TV channels live: including SRF, ProSieben, RTL, MTV, CNN, French channels such as TF1, the Italian Rai channels and many more. Reception is possible on a smartphone, tablet, television or computer. But that's not all Teleboy has to offer.


That's how it all started

Teleboy - the company with the smiling monkey in its logo - started in 2002 as an online TV program guide.

In 2010, a live streaming app for the iPhone is released. The excellent streaming quality led to the Teleboy app being number 1 in the download charts within two days. One year later, apps for the iPad and Android devices followed. In 2012, the replay function was introduced, which allows you to watch the television program of the last seven days. Shortly thereafter, the first channels were offered in HD quality and Video on Demand was made possible, a service that today is mainly used to rent films.

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Apart from watching TV, you can surf, make phone calls and rent videos.

Teleboy is constantly expanding its product range. In addition to Internet TV packages, it now also offers pure Internet connections - which can be combined with landline phones and a mobile subscription. The TV guide is still available today from Teleboy. With it, the television program can be overlooked two weeks in advance. And over 8000 films can be rented in the video-on-demand section.

The channels offered by Teleboy can be streamed not only via the web browser on the computer, but also via various apps on different platforms. Teleboy, for example, can be used mobile on a mobile phone or via the Apple TV or Android TV box on a TV set.

In the free version of Teleboy even the receipt of HD transmitters is free; at present 67 of over 130 transmitters are transmitted in HD quality. However, there are two inconveniences with the Teleboy-Free service: it can only be used on a tablet, smartphone or PC; advertising is also shown when switching between channels.

If you want additional functions and want to switch over without advertising, you can book the Teleboy Plus subscription for CHF 8.50 per month (CHF 75 per year). This includes the option of recording 300 hours, using the 7-day replay function and performing live breaks and downloads. The series recording function is also worth mentioning. However, the Plus subscription can only be booked for tablets, smartphones and PCs.

But it gets even better: for CHF 12.50 a month (CHF 115/year), you can even record 1000 hours with the Teleboy-Comfort-Subscription, and the whole thing also works on the TV in conjunction with the Apple TV and Android TV Box. By the way, you can stream the content you receive via Teleboy to five devices at the same time - no matter what tariff you have booked.

Since 2018, Teleboy has also been offering Internet without a TV subscription. It starts at CHF 36 per month. For this price you get a speed of 20 Mbps. You can also book 60, 100, 300 or 500 Mbps. The latter, the maximum speed, would cost CHF 67 per month. Among other things, the Swisscom lines are used. If you want a telephone, you can dial a landline or a mobile subscription from Swisscom's low-cost subsidiary Wingo.

If you combine the lowest Internet tariff (20 Mbit/s) with the Teleboy Comfort TV subscription, you only pay CHF 9 per month for TV streaming in addition to CHF 36 for the Internet. If you also choose a landline telephone connection and the Wingo mobile subscription, you pay a total of CHF 75 per month. The Wingo Mobile tariff includes unlimited calls and SMS to all Swiss networks, 1 GB data volume in Switzerland and 1 GB data volume in the EU and Western Europe.

What users say

In the App Store, the Teleboy TV app scored 4.4 out of 5 points on user ratings. This brilliant result was achieved with 3987 ratings (as of December 4, 2018) and can therefore be considered representative. 

At www.alao.ch, the comparison portal for mobile phone, Internet and TV tariffs, no provider scores as well as Teleboy in the user ratings.

The Teleboy app in the Google Play Store is not quite as successful. However, with an average of 3.8 rating points (as of December 4, 2018), the Android app is still a good performer. In total, Teleboy TV was downloaded over 500,000 times from the Play Store; this also shows the great success of the TV streaming service.

The employees are also extremely satisfied.

Teleboy is produced by the company myTV. If you look at the employee feedback on the evaluation portal Kununu, you will notice that you can hardly find a better employer. The myTV employees would recommend the company to 100 percent and the Kununu score with very good 4.61 points is far above the industry average of 3.28. The company's reputation as an employer is also very good.


Teleboy's TV streaming offer is very popular with users - especially because of the many functions within the Teleboy apps. The serial recording function, which automatically records all future episodes, is particularly practical for serial junkies. And if you don't want to take out a paid TV subscription, you can now also book pure Internet with Teleboy; the price-performance ratio is very attractive.

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