Network coverage of Swiss providers

This coverage map has been obtained from different published sources and is only intended to be an approximate guide. Actual speed, availability and performance depend on different factors such as your location or device. The information shall not be relied upon and alao Ltd assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information.

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Are you looking for the perfect mobile tariff and want to secure the best network in Switzerland? Then you've come to the right place. We'll tell you which mobile phone providers there are, which networks they use, and what about the network coverage of each provider.

  • Network coverage in Switzerland is generally of a high standard.

    Nevertheless, there are still places, especially in more rural and remote areas, where care cannot be fully guaranteed. In particular, additional services such as UMTS or EDGE cannot be optimally used everywhere.

    The network coverage of a provider describes the regions in which the providers guarantee mobile communications within their coverage area. The network is determined geographically by the distribution of the providers' base stations. In addition to the transmission rate and the data speed, the call quality is also influenced by the frequency band of the provider. Since all network operators now use EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) instead of full rate transmission rates, you can usually make good phone calls even with little reception. The providers Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom are currently the largest mobile providers in Switzerland and together supply a large part of the Swiss population with good to very good network quality.

  • The most comprehensive network coverage in Switzerland can be found in the postcode areas beginning with two, four or five. Several "white spots" are located in the southern areas of postal code areas three, six and seven. In general, the mobile communications network in northern Switzerland is better developed than in the south, where there are fewer antenna sites, particularly in rural areas. In addition, the mobile network has the best network coverage within Switzerland in and around the large urban areas of Berne and Zurich as well as in other larger cities such as Lausanne, Lucerne and Fribourg. Around Zermatt, Grindelwald and below St. Moritz there are larger regions in which it is not yet possible to use an area-wide high-speed network. In the mountains and the outer border regions, complete network failures may even occur in some cases.

    You can find out where you can find the best network coverage in Switzerland and what the conditions at your place of residence and work look like on the websites of the individual providers or summarised and uncomplicated directly on top of this page in our alao network coverage map. In addition to clearly arranged network coverage maps, which also provide information about the type of networks that have been expanded, you can enter your postcode and receive direct information about mobile phone availability in your area.

  • So far, 2G, 3G or 4G or LTE networks have been offered and used. Almost 100 percent of the Swiss networks are now LTE-capable. Providers are now working to establish comprehensive 5G network coverage as digitization progresses. This enables transfer rates of up to 10Gbit per second. In addition, larger amounts of data can be transferred, used and processed more easily. The connection between individual machines and applications is also facilitated, creating a basis for further technical development. The new standard can already be used especially in urban agglomerations such as Bern, Zurich or Lausanne. The 5G network expansion is currently progressing and by the end of 2019 the whole of Switzerland should be connected. Thus, rural areas and even mountain regions could soon also benefit from the faster and more powerful network. To use the 5G standard, however, a device is required which can also use the new network.

  • The largest mobile operators in Switzerland are Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. These three companies also own the country's mobile networks. Other providers, such as UPC, Yallo or Wingo, also use the networks. According to a chip mobile network comparison, Swisscom's network coverage is unsurpassed. Swisscom was particularly convincing in terms of mobile Internet and in particular upload and download speeds, but also in terms of network coverage. Another part of the Swisscom network is the smaller provider Wingo Mobile, which combines very good mobile quality with low prices. UPC Mobile network coverage also corresponds to Swisscom's network coverage, as UPC also uses the Swisscom network.

    This is closely followed by the network coverage provided by Sunrise, which came in second and, above all, outperformed Swisscom in terms of telephony. The speech quality in particular was a little more convincing here. Sunrise network coverage differs little from Swisscom coverage locally. Since Yallo also uses the Sunrise network, Yallo's network coverage is identical to that of Sunrise. Over 95 percent of Switzerland can be supplied with LTE reception via the network.

    The network coverage over salt is less extensive. Especially urban and more densely populated areas are covered, while rural and mountain regions are less densely networked. The north of Switzerland is better supplied by salt than the south of the country. If telephoning plays a special role for you, you should make sure that the connection setup via Salt takes a little longer and the voice quality can be slightly worse than via Swisscom or Sunrise. This is mainly due to the fact that Salt does not yet make calls directly in the LTE network, but weaker networks are used.

    In summary, it can be said that Swisscom offers the best network coverage. Mobile data transmission also worked best in the test via this provider. Sunrise network coverage in Switzerland ranked second. However, Sunrise was the test winner, especially in terms of telephone qualities. The Salt network coverage is somewhat lessdiversified, but the provider still convinces with reliability in its availability areas. Yallo network coverage is linked to that of Sunrise, while Wingo and UPC network coverage is the same as Swisscom. Both business and private customers should ensure that the potential networks are as seamlessly available as possible, especially at their place of work and residence or at the place where the company is based.

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