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TalkTalk Mobile Subscription Comparison

TalkTalk at a glance

TalkTalk at a glance

The mobile phone provider TalkTalk is older than many people think - the company has existed since 1999. Since the company was founded, TalkTalk has always been at the forefront of innovations such as Unbundled Local Loop. It has been part of the mobilezone group since 2013. TalkTalk uses the Sunrise network.

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TalkTalk network coverage

TalkTalk network coverage

As TalkTalk uses the Sunrise network, TalkTalk customers can rely on a very good infrastructure. Accordingly, the network coverage for 4G/LTE is over 95%. However, you can find out whether the network is really that good in everyday use by asking family members, friends or colleagues. You can also use the Sunrise network coverage map to check availability in your location.

How good is TalkTalk's network?

Thanks to the Sunrise network, TalkTalk customers can surf in one of the best networks in German-speaking countries. Sunrise was the only mobile phone provider to receive the top rating "outstanding" four times in a row in connect's internationally recognised quality benchmark test. However, this result cannot be transferred 1:1 to TalkTalk. 

TalkTalk 5G network coverage

Talk Talk has 5G network coverage of over 80% thanks to the Sunrise network. Network operator Sunrise has been investing in the expansion of the 5G network since 2018. TalkTalk customers have been able to access the 5G network since 2021.


Customer service





Telephone hotline

CH: 0800 300 250

Abroad: +41 41 560 69 02

Free of charge within Switzerland

Chargeable from abroad


076295 34 56

Free of charge


Form at:

Free of charge


TalkTalk has mediocre customer service. While it is rated well on Trustpilot, the ratings tend to be more on the negative side on Google.

You can reach the service by phone throughout Switzerland on 0800 300 250. This hotline is free of charge for TalkTalk customers and is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. On Saturdays, customer service is open from 8:30 to 15:30. From abroad, you can reach the service on +41 41 560 69 02. However, this hotline is not free of charge. 


For less urgent matters, forms are also available on the TalkTalk website. You will usually get an answer within 24 hours, but it can take longer. 


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