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Finding and ordering your perfect plan can be a hassle. With us you can find the best plan and order it within 5 minutes. When you order your plan with us, we generate a contract between you and your new provider with the best offers and conditions. Remember, you do not need to make any payment online, so your order is made without risk.
Finding and ordering your perfect plan can be a hassle. With us you can find the best plan and order it within 5 minutes.

Our algorithm finds the best plan for you with the best prices on the market.


You order the desired plan through us. No credit card needed.


We identify you digitally. Therefore you can sign your contract digitally.


Your new provider activates your service and sends you the SIM card or modem for the desired date.

Subscription comparison & purchase

Subscription comparison & purchase

Find the best

Save up to <br>CHF 1200.-

Save up to
CHF 1200.-

Exclusive offers

In 5 minutes

In 5 minutes

Simply take out a subscription online

100% provider-independent

100% provider-independent

Subscription advice

We will help you choose a plan

First we have to find out which plan suits you best. Our algorithms work 100% in the favor of our customers and they search for the plan that covers your lifestyle with the best price and special discounts. In case you order your internet for home, we first check the availability of the internet speed at your address and only show the services available within your building.

We identify you digitally

Since March 2018, a Swiss law (SPTA) obliges all telecommunications providers to identify their customers. Don't worry, you don't have to go to a store and wait in line! As part of our modern and fully digital process, we ask you to upload a photo of your ID and take a selfie to verify that it’s really you. All images and data will be encrypted and will not be seen by anyone. Your image is automatically deleted after the verification has been completed.

SIM card next day delivered

When you order a mobile plan with us, we send you the SIM card the next day or before the date you want to transfer your number. In case you order internet for home, your new provider will send you the modem before the desired activation date.

We always generate an order number with your order. Therefore, if you need any information we can provide you the best customer service.

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We are very grateful for the trust that the Swiss telecommunications operators have given us.
alao is a 100% independent, modern and digital platform where users can find their ideal plan and order it with just a few clicks. The platform is operated by alao Ltd., a Swiss based company.

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