Wingo Mobile and Internet: All you need to know

Wingo Mobile and Internet: All you need to know

At Wingo you can complete a mobile subscription or Internet subscription and combine it with each other, whereby the landline telephone connection is already included with the Wingo Internet. You can also book a TV subscription, which comes with minimal extra costs.

Here we compare the different Wingo subscriptions and give general information about the Wingo products. We also report on the Wingo experiences of the alao community.


Understanding Wingo

History of Wingo

Wingo Mobile Subscription

Wingo Internet Subscription

Wingo Fix - landline telephone line

Wingo TV Subscription

Wingo Device Deal

Wingo Support and Contact

Wingo Experiences


Understanding Wingo

Wingo is owned by Swisscom and is basically its discounter brand. Although the prices for the subscriptions are generally lower at Wingo, Swisscom does not use an expensive customer service number, for example. In the case of a Wingo subscription, you have to pay for telephone customer service, as opposed to a subscription that you have subscribed directly to Swisscom.


Wingo tries to handle everything over the Internet. The contact to Wingo Support is therefore also possible via a contact form on the Wingo website and, in contrast to telephone support, free of charge.

History of Wingo

The Wingo brand for telecommunications was launched in 2015. Initially, Wingo only offered Internet connections. Wingo uses Swisscom's fibre optic network. In 2018, Wingo has increased the up and download speed via fiber optics to 1 Gbps, which has not changed until 2020.

Only in November 2016 was the first Wingo Mobile subscription. In 2018, the "Don't pay twice" combination subscription was introduced, in which you can also use the Internet on the go at unlimited price - for example on your smartphone - as long as you have booked the Internet for your home at Wingo at the same time.

Wingo Mobile Subscription

There are various Wingo Mobile subscriptions for the mobile phone. The subscriptions differ according to what the customer needs above all. If you use almost only the Internet, wingo's "Fair Surf" subscription is probably the most interesting. If you ever have to make a call or want to send an SMS or MMS, the first call, the first SMS or the first MMS within Switzerland will cost CHF 1.- for the day, and after that all other of the three communication options will be available on this Day unlimited (20 CHF monthly).

Anyone who already knows that they regularly make regular calls within Switzerland, send SMS or MMS, should opt for the "Fair Flat" tariff. Because here calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited within Switzerland. With the "Fair Europe" subscription, this also applies within the EU/Western Europe (25 CHF monthly.

The "Fair Europe" subscription is the most expensive among Wingo Mobile subscriptions at CHF 70./month. The "Fair Surf" subscription costs CHF 20.-/month and the Wingo "Fair Flat" subscription costs CHF 25.-/month. None of the three Wingo subscriptions require a minimum contract period.

All mobile subscriptions, i.e. the "Fair Surf", the "Fair Flat" and the "Fair Europe", are subject to a one-time activation fee of CHF 40.-.

If you have used the included data volume of 2 GB for internet use in Switzerland and within EU/Western Europe with the respective subscriptions, you can buy another gigabyte (GB) for CHF 5.-. With the Wingo subscriptions "Fair Surf" and "Fair Flat" this is only possible six times. After that, you continue to surf indefinitely; but only within Switzerland. With the "Fair Europe" subscription, you can renew your data volume 10 times and then surf without limits, but only within Switzerland.

On the Vequal platform alao you can compare the Wingo Mobile subscriptions with the subscriptions of other providers and order the most suitable subscription immediately.

Wingo Internet Subscription

Wingo still offers Internet connections today. The Internet of Wingo is partly supplied via Swisscom's fibre optic network and in this case enables a maximum speed for up- and downloading of a maximum of 1 Gbps. The installation of the fiber optic connection is free of charge for tenants of a house or apartment. Only in exceptional cases can the owner of the house or apartment incur costs.

The Wingo Internet subscription itself costs CHF 69.- per month. For the internet box you have to pay a one-time CHF 61.- plus CHF 9.- for their shipping. If no fiber optic cable can be used and the use of DSL is possible as an alternative, you save CHF 4.- per month with the Wingo Internet subscription. In principle, there is no minimum contract duration. But a special promo offer (promotion) can be linked to a minimum contract period.

By the way: If you are looking for a Wingo promo code, you can even find it on the Wingo website, for example at current Wingo Internet promos.

If you want to change the provider, for example to Swisscom Wingo, you have to terminate the contract with the previous Internet provider and pay attention to the deadline.

Wingo Fix - landline telephone line

Those who have completed a Wingo Internet subscription will receive the landline connection free of charge. There are therefore no additional basic fees for this. Calls to landlines cost CHF 0.05/minute and to the mobile network CHF 0.30/minute.

The charges for calls abroad depend on the country group of countries in which the destination country is located. There are four country groups and prices range from CHF 0.10 to CHF 1.00 for landline calls and between CHF 0.40 and CHF 1.20 for calls to a mobile phone.

The practical: No installation of a separate telephone connection is necessary. Wingo uses the IP telephony technology for the landline offer, which makes it sufficient to simply connect your phone to the Wingo Internet box. In addition, you have to activate the landline connection in your myWingo customer account. You can even take your previous landline number from the old provider to Wingo.

Wingo TV Subscription

Wingo also offers digital television. However, you can only use Wingo TV if you have also booked Wingo Internet.

Wingo TV has access to over 150 channels, including news channels, docu-channels, music channels and sports channels. Also the many viewers long familiar channels SRF 1 and 2, RTL or PRO7 are offered and some more.

As a special function, Wingo TV offers the 7-day replay option, through which you can watch, for example, a movie that has been running up to seven days before in the normal program.

It is also possible to record a film or a series. The recording memory is sufficient for 100 hours of film material. If you only need to leave the TV for a short time, you can use the Live-Pause function, which allows you to pause a movie or, for example, a football game for up to 60 minutes.

Wingo TV costs CHF 5.- per month, and it costs CHF 29.- once, plus CHF 9.- shipping per order. A Wingo TV box is included in the Wingo TV subscription. If you need another box, you have to pay 5.- per month for this CHF. Even when renting the second Wingo TV box, you have to pay A one-time CHF 29.- plus CHF 9.- for shipping if the second TV box is ordered separately.

Wingo Device Deal

Wingo also offers the possibility to buy a mobile phone on installments. The whole thing is called The Wingo Device Deal and there are about ten different smartphones to choose from, including the iPhone 11 and Huawei P30 Pro. However, you can only use the Wingo Device Deal if you have a Wingo Mobile subscription.

In addition to a down payment of between CHF 100.- and 199.-, depending on the device, the remaining purchase price is paid in 24 monthly instalments, which usually amount to around CHF 20.- per month, this is also paid by the respective smartphone or the amount of the device sales price.

These are the smartphones currently on offer via the Wingo Device Deal:

- Apple iPhone 11, Black, 128GB

- Apple iPhone 11, White, 128 GB

- Apple iPhone XS, Space Grey, 64GB

- Apple iPhone 8, Space Grey, 64GB

- Huawei P30 Pro, Aurora

- Huawei P30 Pro, Black

- Samsung G973 Galaxy S10, Black, 128GB

- Samsung G970 Galaxy S10e, White, 128 GB

- Samsung G970 Galaxy S10e, Black, 128GB

Wingo Support and Contact

The Wingo contact is designed for the online business. You can call Customer Service (Wingo Support) on 0900 94 93 92. However, this call costs CHF 1.50 per minute during the first ten minutes. If the conversation lasts longer, the time that goes beyond the ten minutes costs nothing. The maximum cost of a call to Wingo Support is therefore CHF 15.-. Wingo Customer Service is available by phone Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturday from 8:30am to 4.30pm.

Alternatively, you can contact Wingo Support free of charge via the contact form on the Wingo website. Wingo does not provide an email address that could be used to contact customer service

However, you don't have to contact Wingo Support for every question. Customers can also log in to the so-called Wingo Cockpit. Information about the respective Wingo subscription is listed there. The user-enabled options are also displayed there. It is also helpful that you can see in the Wingo Cockpit how much data volume you have already used or how many minutes you have already been phoned.

In addition, it is possible in the Wingo Cockpit to enable roaming for international travel, if you wish; this is also feasible from abroad.

If you want to call up your invoices or look at the individual connection proof, you simply have to log in to your myWingo customer account. For this purpose, you enter your e-mail address or your telephone number as well as your password at the myWingo login.

Wingo Experiences

On the comparison and ordering platform alao you can not only compare subscriptions, but also give reviews about the mobile operators. Members of the alao community who have already taken the Wingo test share their experiences with each other.

The Wingo Mobile review on alao looks very good. Wingo will then receive five stars from alao users in the Mobile category. Even with the billing, the Wingo experiences of the customers seem to be very good, because here too there are five stars.

In the other categories, the Wingo experience is n/a, but Wingo still gets four stars each, in terms of internet and TV offerings, but also in terms of installation time and user experience. This brings Wingo to four stars in the overall alao users.


Below are the most common questions (FAQ) that arise in connection with Wingo subscriptions and other Wingo services.

What is Wingo?

Wingo is Swisscom's discount brand, with its own subscriptions and its own prices.

Who is behind Wingo?

Wingo is not a separate company, but a Swisscom telecommunications brand that uses Wingo to place particularly favourable offers.

Who owns Wingo?

Wingo is owned by Swisscom.

How to cancel Wingo?

If you want to cancel a service with Wingo, for example your Wingo Internet subscription, Wingo Mobile subscription, Wingo TV or Wingo Fix, you must send the cancellation in writing to the following address: Wingo, Contact Center, 3050 Bern, Switzerland.

According to the Wingo website, those who wish to cancel Wingo Mobile can do so not only by post, but also by calling 0900 94 93 92 (CHF 1.50/minute) or via the Wingo contact form. This applies if you want to have a different mobile phone number with your new provider. If you want to take your previous number from Wingo, you don't have to cancel at Wingo. The termination would be automatic with the phone number transfer.

According to Wingo, the cancellation period for the Wingo Mobile subscription is 60 days. In the case of Wingo Internet, the notice period is two months at the end of the month. It is true that Wingo does not usually have a minimum contract period. However, there may be a minimum contract period for certain promotions (promos).

Which network does Wingo use?

Wingo Mobile uses Swisscom's mobile network. Wingo Internet partly uses Swisscom's fibre optic network.

What is the Combox?

The Combox is a mailbox, i.e. an answering machine that can be used as part of a mobile subscription.

How can I turn on the Wingo Combox?

To turn on the Wingo Combox you have to enter the following via the number block on your smartphone or mobile phone and then press the call button: **004*+4186your phone number #

Instead of the placeholder "your phone number" you have to enter your Wingo mobile number (also the zero at the beginning).

How can I turn off the Wingo Combox?

To turn off the Wingo Combox, it is sufficient to enter "#004" over the number block on your smartphone or mobile phone and then press the call button.

How does the switch from Swisscom to Wingo work?

As these are two different brands, Swisscom and Wingo behave like two different companies. To switch from Swisscom to Wingo, you have to cancel your subscription at Swisscom and then complete a new subscription with Wingo. If you want to book an Internet connection with Wingo, you should first inquire whether Wingo also offers Internet at the respective address and also find out whether the use of a fiber optic line is possible or only DSL is available.

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