Transfer WhatsApp to a new phone - How to take your account with all chats with you

Transfer WhatsApp to a new phone - How to take your account with all chats with you

You can easily transfer your WhatsApp account, including all chat histories, to your new phone. However, you have to activate the backup function for WhatsApp beforehand. Find out the different procedures for Android and iPhone here. If you're looking for general WhatsApp info and tips, check out our ultimate WhatsApp guide.

Take WhatsApp from Android to Android

On your old phone, go to the WhatsApp account and then open the settings. Under Chat and then Chat backup, click on 'Backup'. Now you can install WhatsApp on your new phone and verify your number. Here you have the possibility to restore your chat backup, which you have saved before.

Chat recovery without cloud

Even if you don't have your chat history stored on a cloud, you can transfer it to your new device. To do this, you need to get a computer and connect both your new and old smartphone. Activate data transfer on both phones. Now copy the WhatsApp folder in the phone memory of the old device to the memory of your new phone. 

Take WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

Since an iPhone uses iCloud to back up the backups and chat histories, to restore the backups, you need to use the Apple ID of your old phone for the new one as well. Then you can easily restore the old chat histories. On your old device, go to WhatsApp settings, then 'Chats' and 'Chat backup'. Then click on Create backup. On your new iPhone, install WhatsApp and you will be able to restore the chat backup you just made.

Take WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp offers a feature to transfer chat histories directly from device to device. However, this is currently only possible when switching from iOS to a Samsung device with Android and runs via the Samsung SmartSwitch app. However, WhatsApp has announced that it will soon extend this feature to other devices.

How can I delete WhatsApp?

If you definitely want to remove your WhatsApp account, then uninstalling the app is not enough. The account will still be there. However, the account can also be definitely deleted, but this cannot be undone. So think twice before you go any further. If you still want to remove your WhatsApp account, proceed as follows: Open the WhatsApp settings, click on 'Account' and then 'Delete account'. Then you just have to enter your number and click on the red 'Delete my account' button. 

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