WhatsApp channels: Everything you need to know about WhatsApp channels

WhatsApp channels: Everything you need to know about WhatsApp channels

With Twitter, Elon Musk has shown how quickly a social medium can change within a year. With the emergence of decentralised networks, one can also speak of a new social media era. This era is mainly characterised by the fact that we are in smaller groups and interact less with strangers. Nevertheless, we want to follow our favourite brands, but they are not represented on our favourite network. This is where WhatsApp channels come in.

What are WhatsApp channels?

WhatsApp channels offer you an anonymous way to follow your favourite brands or influencers without your friends, family or strangers being able to see. Even the channel operator cannot see who is following the page. Likewise, your mobile number is not shared. So you are completely anonymous. Only WhatsApp knows who you follow and who you don't. Learn more about WhatsApp and data security.

Unlike on Facebook or Instagram, you can only comment on posts with emojis - so you won't be confronted with sardonic or mean comments like on Facebook. And: Channel messages are automatically deleted after 30 days. WhatsApp is also planning a payment function in the future. We don't yet know what this will look like in Switzerland and when it will appear here, but we'll keep you posted.

Where can I find the WhatsApp channels?

Fortunately, the channel news does not mix with your normal news, but can be found in its own tab "News".

Why should I subscribe to WhatsApp channels?

The principle of WhatsApp channels is a combination of social media content and newsletters. The advantage, however, lies in the anonymity - even the channel operator does not find out who has subscribed to the channel. All posts from channels you follow appear with a small preview in a kind of channel feed. In the channel itself, content is compressed and can be consumed quickly. Depending on which channel you follow, you receive news, exclusive offers and entertaining, moving or interactive content.

Why is WhatsApp introducing the Channel function?

WhatsApp wants to make itself interesting especially for businesses through the introduction. You can find out more about WhatsApp Business in this article. In the future, you could also buy things directly in the app using "WhatsApp Pay" . WhatsApp Pay is already available in Brazil and India. It also wants to grab some market share from Telegram, which has always had this feature on board.

Does alao also have a WhatsApp channel?

Yes, we do! We are the first company in telecommunications to launch our WhatsApp channel! Be the first to find out the best subscription offers, get exclusive deals, smartphone hacks, important telecom news and insights. Go to our WhatsApp channel - take a look and follow us now! ;)

Conclusion: No revolution, but a great function to stay up-to-date

WhatsApp is used by 2 billion people. So there is a lot of potential. Even if some people declare the feature superfluous - the advantages over social media or newsletters are undeniable. And: Telegram also has channels, so it was only a matter of time before WhatsApp also took over this function.


In our WhatsApp guide, you'll find everything you need to know about WhatsApp.

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