Internet and TV comparison: Finding a good combo subscription

Internet and TV comparison: Finding a good combo subscription

Swiss providers at a glance

The largest providers on the Swiss market, Sunrise, Swisscom and Salt, offer combined packages for Internet and TV use at different conditions. But even less well-known providers are increasingly bringing cheap Internet and TV subscriptions onto the market. We have taken a closer look at the various offers in our Internet and TV comparison.

Combined Internet and TV subscription: That's what you should look out for when you graduate.

If you want to take out a TV and Internet subscription in a package, you should also take a close look at the other conditions of the subscription in the Internet and TV comparison. What download and upload speeds or MBit per second are included in the tariff? If the rates are symmetrical or the upload rate is significantly lower than the download speed, this can be a problem especially for those who frequently upload or send larger mails, data volumes, videos and similar files. Especially in metropolitan areas, the provider Salt surprises with up to ten times faster upload and download speeds. In addition, attention should be paid to the setup fee for the installation of a router or TV receiver, for example.

Especially the providers Quickline, TeleKing and Wingo charge corresponding one-time fees if you want to activate a TV Internet subscription. Other providers only charge a setup fee under certain conditions. If you want to use Apple TV via Teleboy, for example, you can do so for a one-off payment of CHF 159. If you take out a Sunrise subscription online, you are spared the setup fee, whereas otherwise CHF 69 is due and Swisscom only charges new customers for the initial connection. Other providers, such as or, do not charge a setup fee. Further additional costs, for example for the purchase of receivers and routers, should also be checked in a comprehensive Internet and TV comparison.

Another criterion you should pay attention to is the duration of the contract. Providers like TeleKing or lure you with free months. Ensure that any periods of notice are observed and that any amounts payable each month are indicated on average. Who makes an Internet Abo comparison, should inform also about the availability and the existing net. Is the subscription suitable for fibre optic networks, such as Swisscom, Sunrise, Teleboy or Wingo, or does one receive via the TV network? The type and number of channels that can be received, replay, video on demand and recording functions as well as the number of devices that can be played vary from tariff to tariff and from provider to provider.

Who would like to book in addition a telephone option in addition or would like to lock a three-way combination subscription, should besides on the kind of the Flatrate pay attention and/or decide whether minute tariffs would be a more favorable alternative. Many providers offer the possibility to flexibly combine Internet, TV and telephone options, whereby a TV component can often be booked for a small additional amount. A subscription can therefore be worthwhile for all those who enjoy watching television frequently and at the same time surf the net regularly.

Subscribe to the Internet and television separately

Often the different providers offer the Internet tariff as a basic tariff. In addition, you can book mobile and fixed line options as well as TV. TV rates are generally between CHF 15 and CHF 20. However, combination offers can often be the better option. Sunrise, for example, offers its 1 Gbit/s Internet package for CHF 90. Whoever chooses the TV option inclusive pays CHF 110 per month, but currently (as of November 2019) receives a free Samsung TV worth CHF 699. Those who use Internet TV services can also secure a number of advantages, such as better-quality television or on different sets. Classic reception modes can often no longer keep up.

Combined offers TV, Internet and telephone

Similar advantages arise for users who make use of complete packages. If you compare combined offers for TV, Internet and telephone, you will find that discounts are usually granted by purchasing from the same provider. Sunrise, for example, grants a ten percent discount on the mobile rate for a combined package booking. If you want to subscribe to mobile and landline phones as well as TV and Internet in a package, it can be worth it.

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Combi subscriptions from Swisscom

Swisscom offers you the opportunity to put together an individual Swisscom combi subscription. First you choose a Swisscom Internet subscription. You can choose between 50, 200 and 1000 MBit/s up- or download speed. You can also book your Swisscom TV subscription in the S, M or L package. The type of TV box, the number and quality of channels as well as the replay and recording options vary. Fixed network and mobile packages can also be selected - each with flat rate or minute rates. Attention: When subscribing to a new Swisscom subscription including Internet, TV and telephony, new customers pay a one-off setup fee of CHF 59.

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UPC: Internet, TV and telephony in one subscription

UPC also has offers for TV and Internet combination subscriptions in its repertoire. With the Happy Home 100 UPC combi tariff, you can secure download rates of up to 100 MBit/s, a landline minute tariff and 240 channels via digital TV. If you would like to add additional TV and telephone options to your UPC Internet subscription, you can also do so via a configurator. You should inform yourself about setup fees and discounts in advance in the respective product information sheet.

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What the Salt-Kombiabos offer

With Salt you not only surf with up to 10 Gbit/s (in larger cities and metropolitan areas), but also use up to 250 channels via Apple TV with the Salt TV subscription. Salt Fiber also includes a landline flat rate and beats its competitors with only CHF 49.95 in price. However, if you are interested in a Salt subscription, you should take a close look at the tariff details. The purchase of the Salt Fibre Box is necessary in order to be able to use the listed advantages. In addition, there is a fee in the event of termination.

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How to find the right combination subscription for you

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