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  • With Yallo, you can purchase a mobile subscription with a term, use the Internet at home or on the move, or order a prepaid SIM card. You can choose from Yallo slim to Yallo super fat and your total cost will be the services you use. According to reports, many customers have had good experiences with Yallo. As a point of criticism, sometimes a long minimum term of contracts in the cheap sector is mentioned. A new Yallo subscription is very uncomplicated, we at make it even easier for you: On our independent comparison platform you can search for your Yallo subscription and order it right away with just a few clicks! All we need from you is a copy of your ID and a selfie for identification. We'll forward everything to Yallo, and you'll soon receive your new SIM card.

  • As a Sunrise AG brand, Yallo uses the Sunrise network. The fast 4G network from Sunrise is available in 95 % of the municipalities in Switzerland, which will also be reflected in your Internet speed while surfing. Currently, four different subscriptions are available for telephony with Yallo. There is also the option of purchasing a prepaid SIM card. With the Yallo subscription with contract, the basic monthly fee depends on the chosen service, which can range from a currently slim 19 francs to 88 francs. The full offer also includes a flat rate within Europe, the USA and Canada. Surfing is in the Highspeed 4G net of Switzerland with 100 MBit/s. Listening to voice messages stored on your voicemail is subject to a charge with Yallo Prepaid and free of charge with Yallo Postpaid. It is possible to subscribe to the Yallo subscription with a mobile phone. You can view the current offers on the operator's website. It's always a good idea to look for the right promotions.

  • While the Yallo tariffs regular and slim are mainly aimed at users within Switzerland, Yallo fat also offers a flat rate for 60 minutes of telephony within Europe. With Yallo super fat there are practically no more restrictions, telephoning within Switzerland and Europe is unlimited, as are the Internet, SMS and MMS. In addition to the Yallo prepaid SIM card, there is also the Yallo postpaid option, which is the Yallo Flat for Europe and Switzerland. For currently 39 francs per month you can surf and make unlimited calls within Europe and Switzerland. With an independent comparison platform such as, you can easily find the Yallo subscription that suits your needs.

  • To make sure you don't get a nasty surprise after the holidays, Yallo offers several roaming options. For telephony, there is the Travel Talk rate, which allows you to make 100-minute calls abroad in 7 days. For surfing you can choose the Travel Surf option with 100 MB, 1 GB and 3 GB. Travel Surf with 1 and 3 GB is valid for 30 days, Travel Surf 100 MB for 7 days.

  • If you would like to purchase Internet services from Yallo, you can also use Yallo Home Internet. The Yallo Box is included as a router, so you can surf at home with all your devices without tangled cables. With the Yallo Home Box, you can also surf on Netflix, etc. Stream Full HD or 4K series or movies. In reports about your experiences with Yallo it is often pointed out that the box is really very easy to install and even a change of location is no problem at all. Data transmission is not via fixed cables, but via the mobile network. Thus the box can be taken into the holiday home without any problems. In addition you save the fees for a cable connection. Yallo does not offer a free fixed network connection or digital TV, which is often included as an additional service in wired offers. So this option is the best alternative for you if you don't need landline telephony or digital TV. As a disadvantage, the reports sometimes mention the Internet speed, which can vary with mobile Internet connections, depending on the availability and utilization of the antennas at the location.

  • On our page you can find your Yallo subscription and compare it with other mobile phone providers in Switzerland. Once you have decided on a tariff, you don't have to leave our site anymore, but can order directly from us. We need a copy of your ID and a Selfie as digital signature and identification, then everything will be forwarded to Yallo. You'll have your new SIM card in your mailbox in a matter of days.