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Wingo - especially popular with young and digitally affine people Especially for young people with a high level of digital competence, intensive advice and extras do not play a major role in a telephone subscription. Swisscom created the Wingo brand primarily to appeal to this group. The offer is reduced to these needs and only available online.

FAQ et infos

  • In current price comparisons, Swisscom subsidiary Wingo, which received a makeover in 2019, is doing very well. Positive experiences with Wingo have not only been made with regard to price, but also with regard to performance. The Wingo network with high-speed Internet is available in more and more municipalities in Switzerland. On our independent comparison platforms alao, you can search all subscriptions to find and display the Wingo offer that suits your needs. Wingo's range of offers is manageable and simple: the Fair Flat subscription offers unlimited telephony, surfing and SMS within Switzerland; 2 GB data volume is included. You can expand your Wingo subscription as you like to include services such as more data volume or international telephony that you actually need. VoLTE and WiFi calling is also possible with your Wingo subscription; you must activate WiFi calling in the menu of your smartphone. Having a positive experience with Wingo is not difficult, even if all services are only available online. Wingo hasn't always kept the promised 1 Gbit/s for uploads and downloads in the Internet speed test, but you still have a very fair subscription for the low price. The change to Wingo is also not complicated, the process is explained on the operator's homepage and done in 5 minutes. You have to take care of the cancellation with the old provider yourself. It is possible to take your old phone number with you to Wingo. At the earliest 3 months before your change to Wingo you can request this porting. When you sign up for a Wingo subscription, you often benefit from promotions such as the waiver of the one-off activation fee of 40 francs.

  • With your Wingo mobile subscription you can call, surf and send SMS and MMS within Switzerland and Liechtenstein without any limits. The Wingo Mobile Fair Flat subscription also includes 2 GB data volume per month, valid within Switzerland and the EU. If you need more data volume, you currently add 5 francs per GB to your Wingo Mobile bill. If you use more than 8 GB in a month, you surf unlimited in Switzerland, but roaming is not possible for the rest of the month. If you need more data volume abroad, you should consider the "Easy Surf Europe" option, which gives you up to 12 GB. For international telephony, the Wingo subscription includes the "Voice Travel Option" tariff, which is valid for 30 days and includes 30 minutes of calls, 30 SMS messages worldwide and, of course, the best call quality in Swisscom's network. Of course, you can also take out a Wingo subscription with a mobile phone, the so-called Device Deal. You pay a small deposit and the rest in instalments within 24 months with your monthly bill. Your Wingo mobile phone will be at your home within a few working days.

  • On our independent comparison platform alao.ch you can choose your Wingo subscription from the multitude of telephone subscriptions. But that's not all, because you don't have to leave our site to order the subscription you want. All you need is a copy of your passport, a selfie and a few minutes to order your Wingo subscription in just a few clicks. We'll forward everything to Wingo, and in a few days your new SIM card will come to your home. Maybe you've already noticed some positive Wingo Mobile experiences on the net? Especially the favourable price, the generous data volume and the good network coverage by the Swisscom network are highlighted again and again.

  • Even if some Wingo Internet experiences prove that not always the full maximum speed is reached, you surf nevertheless around 80 to 100 MBit/s. There is no artificial throttling with e.g. use of more data volume with Wingo. If you don't have fiber optic available, you surf over the DSL network. The Wingo Internet Box is available for the Wingo Internet, but you can also use your own router. The prerequisite is that your router has multicast and IGMP. You can change settings or configurations in the Wingo Internet Box by opening the "my Internet connection" section under "mywingo".

  • With us on alao you not only keep track of the tariff jungle, you can also order your desired subscription with little effort. As a digital signature we need a copy of your ID and a selfie for identification and forward everything to Wingo. You'll soon have your new SIM card in your mailbox