Telekom-Rating | How to find the best provider

Telekom-Rating | How to find the best provider

There are now so many providers on the Swiss telecommunications market that many users find it difficult to find the right service for them. The annual telecom rating of the magazine Bilanz has provided a small orientation in the provider jungle so far. Now there is another help: the alao rating system.

Telekom Rating - alao offers new customer rating system

Finding the best mobile subscription is extremely difficult. The search takes an extremely long time. The same applies to finding the optimal Internet, TV or fixed network contract. The reason: In Switzerland there are many providers with countless different offers. But which of these offers is good? And above all: Which provider can meet the expectations placed on it?

Customers can now use alao's rating system to help each other find the provider with the best offers and the best service. Through customer ratings from Switzerland's mobile operators, alao users can show the community how happy they are with their own provider. All interested parties can read these ratings and thus make a factually substantiated decision when choosing their future provider and tariff.

The alao Rating system is open to everyone. It is easy to use and neutral, because it is independent of the industry. In addition to awarding rating stars, users can also write comments to highlight specific experiences with their provider.

Before you decide on a new provider, you should definitely check its ratings on alao. And don't forget: you can also help others choose the best provider. Take part in the alao rating! Rate your provider and write comments about special events or general impressions.

Customer rating of mobile phone providers - it's worth checking beforehand

There is nothing worse than a disconnection during an important telephone call. At least as annoying is the interruption of your home Internet connection when the Netflix series is the most exciting. Then you can forget the relaxed cinema evening. Instead, you have to call the Internet provider. The conversation with customer service can easily last 15 minutes and does not always lead to the desired solution.

Could you have avoided the disturbances? At least you should ask yourself whether you have done everything possible to find the best provider. To help you find the best provider in the future, alao provides you with a rating system similar to the one used on the "TripAdvisor" tourism website.

Alao is a comparison platform for telecom and entertainment services. With just a few clicks, you can find the best Internet and mobile subscription provider and simultaneously read other users' Telekom ratings.

In Switzerland, there are many private companies and magazines such as Bilanz or Connect that rate telecommunications services. Alao goes one step further. Our platform is also open to all private consumers. So really everyone can communicate publicly which experiences they have made with a certain provider. Ideally, alao users will be able to find reviews from customers in the same city and get an idea of the actual network coverage and Internet quality in a given area. The customer reviews also show whether the call center employees have done a good job, the provider has solved all the problems and whether the bills are correct. In addition, the reviews provide information on whether a customer receives discounts or other gifts - for example, if they have been there for a long time.

Mobile and Internet providers in Switzerland

Most people know the four major providers in the Swiss Confederation: Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC and Salt. There are currently over 30 mobile communications and Internet providers. This makes the Telekom rating of customers all the more important, so that the quality of the less well-known companies can also be assessed.

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