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FAQ et infos

  • Where the hybrid UPC fiber optic cable was laid, you'll enjoy high-speed internet at 600 Mbps. The UPC cable connection allows you to surf without sacrificing performance no matter how far away the nearest signal distributor is. Also, your Internet speed won't suffer if you use multiple devices at the same time. UPC makes the Connect Box available as a modem so that you can use the Internet with 600 megabits. If you choose the UPC Box with Internet, landline and TV, UPC charges a one-time connection fee. And another tip from us: If you use the UPC-TV app via the UPC mobile network, you should always keep an eye on the data volume consumed. Approximately ten megabytes per minute, or twenty megabytes for HD.

  • he UPC Connect Box brings powerful Internet to your home. With this box, you can surf, make phone calls, and watch digital TV all over your house at the same time with multiple devices. To optimize your Wifi, UPC provides its own app. This app is also suitable for troubleshooting. To make the UPC Digital TV available to you on the go, there is the Online TV App. You can stream TV shows from your phone or watch them on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Via our independent comparison platform, you can also find UPC's combined offer via TV, Internet and landline. If you don't need a landline, you don't have to pay for it either. Find the right UPC combination offer for your needs on

  • There are two ways to use UPC-TV's 240 channels: For TV enjoyment at home, there is the UPC-TV Box, and to make the whole thing available for mobile use, there is the UPC-TV App. The sports channel MySports One is also integrated in the package, as are Netflix, Youtube and a huge video store. If required, you can also order additional packages such as MySports Pro or Premium Plus. We couldn't find a UPC-TV offer without Internet or without the corresponding TV box at the moment.

  • If you also purchase the Internet from UPC, you will save on all subscriptions, regardless of whether you choose the Swiss or Europe tariff. If you don't have an Internet subscription, the minimum term of your UPC Mobile subscription is 1 year. The Unlimited Swiss and Flex Swiss tariffs are available for unlimited calls and SMS messages within Switzerland. You can surf with Unlimited Swiss - as the name says - unlimited, with Flex Swiss you have 2 GB data volume available, which you can expand as needed. The UPC mobile subscription allows you to surf the Swisscom network, one of the best developed networks in Europe. You can use the Unlimited Europe, Flex Europe and UPC Mobile Europe 4000 Flat tariffs to make phone calls and send SMS messages to Europe. Here, too, you can make phone calls and send unlimited SMS messages. The data volume depends on your needs. You can determine the rate that suits you with the help of our comparison platform, for example. Here you have the big advantage that you can immediately take out your desired UPC Cablecom Mobile subscription! All you need is a copy of your passport and a selfie for identification. After your digital signature we give everything to UPC, and in a short time you have your new SIM card in your mailbox. You can insert it immediately into your mobile phone and unlock it with the PIN code on the card carrier. Activating UPC Mobile is that easy. Of course, you can also make calls with a UPC mobile phone without having a UPC landline or Internet connection.

  • Roaming costs within the EU were abolished in 2017, but there are still additional costs for calls from an EU country to Switzerland and vice versa. To avoid this, you can add roaming to your UPC subscription with the UPC Mobile Europe tariff. You surf unlimited in Switzerland and have 10 GB data volume available for Europe. You can also make unlimited phone calls and send SMS messages.

  • UPC uses Swisscom's network. The network is one of the fastest in Europe and is characterised by few disruptions and failures.

  • At everyone will find the right UPC Mobile subscription. Afterwards, you don't even have to change the website, but can order the subscription you want with just a few clicks. After receiving your digital signature, we will forward your data to UPC, and soon you can start surfing and telephoning.