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  • If you are already a satisfied customer and would like to renew your Swisscom subscription, you can do so from three months before the contract expires. If you extend your contract, you will usually also benefit from a Swisscom loyalty offer in the form of various discounts. You can extend an existing Swisscom contract either by post, online on the provider's website or at the Swisscom customer centre. If you have not reacted by the end of the contract period, your contract will automatically be renewed to the same extent. The minimum contract period with Swisscom is 12 months. Before you extend your subscription, however, it is worth comparing our rates on, because perhaps your requirements have changed and it would be advisable to change your subscription. As a low user you might be better served with a cheaper subscription. To change a Swisscom subscription, proceed in the same way as for the contract extension and announce your wish in writing, online or by telephone. If you decide on a new Swisscom subscription, everything will be much easier for you: At you will not only find the right tariff for you, but you can also take out the subscription immediately. All you have to do is send us a copy of your identity card and a selfie for identification. The latter will be deleted immediately afterward. Once you have signed the digital contract, Swisscom will activate your new subscription and send you your SIM card immediately. The Swisscom subscription for mobile phones (inOne Mobile) can, of course, be supplemented with Internet, fixed-line telephony and Digital TV (inOne Home) as required. Here, too, you can choose between different Internet speeds, channel selection and recording hours for TV and different flat rates for landline telephony for each module.

  • At the end of February 2019, Swisscom brought momentum to the mobile phone market. Five new tariffs replaced the previous subscriptions and are as follows: - inOne Mobile Go", - "inOne Mobile Premium", - "inOne Mobile Basic", - "Swiss Mobile Flat" and - "Swiss Mobile Light". If you make a lot of calls within Europe, we recommend the Swisscom "inOne Mobile Go" mobile phone subscription. This allows you to make virtually unlimited calls and use roaming for 40 GB within Europe. Once you have used up the 40 GB, however, the surfing speed slows down to 128 KBit/s. The most comprehensive Swisscom subscription for mobile phones is "inOne Mobile Premium". There is a discount if you also have a Swisscom Internet subscription. With this tariff you can surf and make unlimited calls in Switzerland. Basic equipment" is available with the Swisscom "inOne Mobile Basic" mobile subscription. It includes a flat rate for making calls within Switzerland, roaming calls within Europe and 2 GB data volume. With the Swisscom subscription for the "Swiss Mobile Flat" mobile phone, you can make unlimited calls and surf in Switzerland for 65 francs, while young people pay 55 francs. Roaming is not included here. If you make a lot of calls within the Swisscom network, you will receive a flat rate for calls within this network with your Swisscom "Swiss Mobile Light" mobile phone subscription for 25 francs. Calls outside this range cost 44 centimes a minute. It also includes 500 MB of data volume for surfing in Switzerland. Swisscom subscriptions no longer include mobile phones, but smartphones can be paid for in instalments. If you would like to transfer a Swisscom Mobile number, you can fill out the appropriate form on the Internet. It is possible that a one-off fee will apply, for example if you want to change your subscription, it is best to check with the customer centre. To activate your Swisscom inOne Mobile subscription, you can order it via with just two clicks. After signing the digital contract, Swisscom will send you your new SIM card.

  • It is being advertised that by the end of 2021 each of the 2212 Swiss municipalities should have Swisscom network coverage with the latest fibre-optic technology. In addition, network coverage with 5G throughout Switzerland is planned by the end of 2019. In cities such as Berne, Basel, Zurich and St. Moritz, the expansion has already taken place. In order to use Swisscom 5G network coverage, your mobile phone must also be 5G-capable. Since April 2019, such devices have been available via Swisscom.

  • The Swisscom youth subscription includes discounts on telephony, Internet and TV. Discounted mobile phones are also available for young people. Under the name "inOne Xtra Mobile" you will find subscriptions for under 26s. The range of tariffs varies between CHF 20 and CHF 60, depending on requirements.

  • On, the independent Swiss comparison platform, you can find your Swisscom subscription in just a few clicks. And the best thing is: you can also sign the contract with us immediately with a digital signature. We will forward your data to Swisscom, which will send you your new SIM card shortly. Find your Swisscom subscription on