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  • The starter offer for adults over 30 years is called "Salt Start" and is particularly suitable if you make a lot of calls within the Salt network, here you have unlimited free minutes. You can find the exact prices here in our alao subscription comparison with just a few clicks. The most comprehensive Salt Mobile subscription is called "Salt World" and has practically no limit: unlimited calls to all networks, abroad, unlimited data volume and unlimited SMS/MMS. If you don't need unlimited international calls, the "Salt Swiss" tariff offers a low flat rate of 60 minutes per month within the EU and to the USA. You can order the Salt Swiss subscription with or without your mobile phone. With the Salt data subscription you have three tariff options at your disposal. Our independent comparison platform alao helps you to find the right Salt offers for you. Of course, it is possible to have the number transferred to Salt if you change from another provider. You can fill out a form on the Internet or contact customer service by telephone. Salt provides a Mobile ID free of charge with which you can easily and securely register on private and public web portals. To do this, you must create your own PIN. This happens when the Mobile ID is activated. You can find the exact details on the provider's website. Salt has not abolished roaming fees, therefore it is recommended to take advantage of the roaming options for occasional travel. You can activate and deactivate these options at any time. If you want to know the antenna locations of Salt, visit either Google Street View or and open the BAKOM card there.

  • No matter which salt offers you choose, 4G+ Internet is always inclusive. In Switzerland, Salt reaches 55% network coverage through 4G+, with the 4G network, Salt reaches 98% with an upward trend. Salt's network coverage is also excellent on trains.

  • You can extend or cancel your Salt subscription 3 months before the end of the contract. For a renewal there are usually special Salt subscription offers such as a special rate, discount on a new mobile phone, etc.. Salt also has special offers for new customers. When you can change your Salt subscription depends on the agreed minimum term. Many of the current subscriptions have a minimum contract duration of 24 months, after which they can be cancelled. For your salt subscription comparison, the best thing to do is to consult our independent comparison platform Here you also enjoy a special advantage: You can not only find suitable salt offers, but you can also order them with two mouse clicks on All you need is a scanned copy of your ID and a selfie for identification. We'll pass everything on to the provider, and you'll soon have your new SIM card in your mailbox. No credit card is required in the process. There are many positive experiences about Salt on the Internet, especially concerning the price-performance ratio. A mobile subscription of Salt in combination exclusively with a TV subscription is not possible to our knowledge, the packages of Salt Fiber always include Internet, TV and landline telephony. Once a month you will receive your bill or e-bill from Salt by e-mail. If you want to change the delivery method, go to your account on the provider's website, select profiles and "Change billing delivery method".

  • Also with Salt one is regarded as juvenile for a very long time. With a Salt subscription under 30 there is a discount on the basic fee and on various mobile phones. Three different tariffs are available at "Salt Young", with the emphasis on the data subscription, which is particularly important for young people. A Salt subscription for children under the age of 18 is possible if the parents or another adult are the legal owners of the account and subscribe for the child. We have not been able to find out anything about a Salt subscription for seniors, for specific questions please contact Salt's customer service.

  • On the comparison page you can find your matching Salt subscription. To conclude the contract, you don't have to leave the site, you can order your new SIM card with just two clicks. All you need is a copy of your passport and a photo. We will do the rest for you.