Youth subscriptions in Switzerland - the best mobile subscription for young people

Youth subscription comparison: best mobile subscription for young people in Switzerland

There are special youth subscriptions for young people, also known as mobile subscriptions for young people, as the maximum age limit for these subscriptions is usually between 26 and 30 years. A mobile subscription for young people must meet different requirements than a mobile subscription for children or one for adults. A youth subscription is available from Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise and other providers.

The maximum age for mobile subscriptions for young people

While children in particular need to pay attention to the minimum age for a mobile subscription, the maximum age for mobile subscriptions for young people is the main factor in the respective tariff. However, the age limit for mobile subscriptions for young people is much higher than the age of youth. At Swisscom, for example, you can receive the youth discount until you are 26 years old. With Salt and Sunrise, young people are given a discount until the age of 30.

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Youth subscriptions in comparison: here are the selection criteria

In order to carry out the mobile subscription comparison of youth tariffs, one should first think about what young people usually do with their smartphone. While parents often set a strict limit on how much the little ones can use their smartphone, many young people have more leeway. This means that young people use their smartphones more and have a higher consumption of data for Internet use.

The following criteria should be considered when choosing a youth subscription:

- Extent of data usage: Use of the smartphone for WhatsApp, e-mails, social media, music streaming, games, YouTube and/or Netflix

- Calls in Switzerland and/or to the EU or within the EU (interesting for cross-border commuters)

- Maximum age: 26 years (Swisscom), 30 years (Salt, Sunrise)

The approach to youth subscriptions differs greatly between the various providers. At Swisscom, for example, a youth subscription looks like a discount on the price of a normal tariff, such as the "inOne XTRA mobile basic". On the other hand, providers such as Salt, for example, offer separate youth subscription rates. At Salt, the mobile subscriptions for young people are therefore also called different from the normal rates. For young people under 30, there are the Salt youth subscriptions "Basic Young", "Swiss Young" or "Europe Young".

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Best Mobile Subscription for young people

Now the only question is which tariff from which provider alao would recommend as the "Best Mobile Subscription for Young People". Basically, there is not one best subscription. Which subscription for young people is best depends in particular on what the young person or young person wants to use the subscription for.

In terms of the required data volume, around 1.5 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB or even unlimited, one can basically assume that young people today use a variety of services via the Internet connection: WhatsApp, e-mail, social media, music streaming, games, YouTube or Netflix. A youth subscription with unlimited data volume is therefore recommended.

Although it's easy to make phone calls with your contacts via WhatsApp, Telegram or Threema, the data volume consumed is also limited if you don't make a video call. However, there will always be occasions when you need to call a phone number. This could be a number from an authority or a customer service number. Therefore, you should at least have the possibility to make classic calls as part of the youth subscription. However, a telephone flat rate is only interesting for young people who really spend a lot of time on the phone with friends or family members, for example.

Order the right mobile subscription for young people in Switzerland

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Afterwards, you can also order the mobile subscription for young people digitally without having to print or scan documents.

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