Many despair in search of a suitable Internet tariff. The first hurdle is choosing the right speed. Who wants to pay for more than is necessary for their own needs?

In Switzerland, offers start at a speed of 20 Mbit/s and go up to 10,000 Mbit/s. But what does that mean? But what does that mean? How much speed do I really need? And how much Internet speed does I get at home?

As long as you don't know which providers there are in your region, you can't know which tariff is best, can you?

On you can now inform yourself about the offers of the different providers without having to search the net forever. By entering your home address in the alao comparison tool, all available providers and tariffs will be listed for you, arranged according to the Internet speeds offered.


In the following we answer the most important questions about the tariff search:

1. How much Internet speed do I need for my personal needs?

2. Who offers the fastest Internet at the lowest price?

3. Should I order an Internet package together with a telephone rate and a TV offer?

4. How can I find the best offer for me?

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What should I do with 200 Mbit/s?

In order to choose the tariff with the right Internet speed, you first need to know what download speeds are required for everyday Internet use. Do I really need 200 Mbit/s or are 50 Mbit/s enough? After all, the additional 150 Mbit/s easily cost CHF 50 more per month. The following overview of should help you with the classification of the speeds.

Internet speeds

When providers advertise their Internet speed, they often use "up to" specifications. This is because ISPs cannot guarantee that they will always deliver the same service. For example, the speed at which the subscriber receives the service depends on how many customers are on the network at the same time. At peak times, Internet speed can be lower than at times when almost no one is on the Internet, such as at night.

Who offers the fastest and cheapest Internet?

The Internet is a similar commodity to gas, which enters houses via a pipeline for cooking or heating. Just like the gas pipes, the Internet pipes are underground. What flows here is data. But why are some Internet providers able to deliver faster Internet than others? Aren't the lines always the same?

You may have noticed in the advertisements for certain Internet tariffs that Internet providers lure their customers with different technologies. Swisscom, Sunrise and Wingo rely on both DSL lines and fibre-optic networks. UPC and Salt also use fiber optic networks. The speed at the end depends on the technology actually used on site. Fiber optic networks are much faster than the copper cables on DSL lines.

Simply enter your address on and we will show you which technology is possible at home and which Internet provider can make you the best offer for your personal lifestyle.

Should I do the installation myself?

Not everyone has the time and the knowledge to set up the ordered Internet at home. So why not take advantage of the help of a technician? Professionals can solve the following problems, among others:

1. you don't have to do the installation yourself. In addition, the cables are laid professionally, which is particularly interesting if you have ordered the Internet connection in a package with TV or telephone.

2. In some cases a faulty installation can have a negative effect on the Internet speed. Such installation errors are very difficult to detect, leading to a lot of frustration over a long period of time.

Some Internet service providers send you an installation technician without you having to make an additional payment. They want to make your change of provider as smooth and pleasant as possible. If you have to hire a professional IT specialist to install your Internet connection yourself, it will cost you about CHF 190,-.

Should I book an Internet package with TV or telephone?

When searching for an Internet contract, the question arises whether you should book a TV and/or telephone connection in addition to the Internet. Depending on the provider, there is a wide range of different packages. In the comparison tool of you can set whether you only want to receive Internet offers or also offers for Internet/TV/ telephone packages. If you choose the latter, you can see whether a package is worthwhile for you.

How to use the Alao comparison tool to find the right rate

After you have learned more about what to look out for when choosing tariffs and providers, you should check with who has the best offer for your home.

This is how works:

1. Click here and choose whether you want to compare pure Internet offers or also TV and/or telephone packages displayed. If you want to get results that fit your lifestyle even better, you should fill in the fields in the advanced search mode. Custom search allows you to better consider your needs and see the available Internet speeds at your home address.

2. Once you see the list of eligible rates, you can filter search hits by price or vendor ratings using filters at the top of the page. The ratings come from other alao users.

3. When you have found an interesting rate, click on "Request offer" or "Go to provider page". All offers are created free of charge and are non-binding.

4. Don't forget to rate your provider. With a rating you help other alao users to get an idea of your Internet provider.

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