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Everything you need to know about your next mobile subscription

You want to save time and above all money? Here we explain to you how to find your cheapest mobile subscription and what you should pay attention to.

Make the comparison and find your cheapest subscription in Switzerland 

If you are interested in a cheap mobile subscription, you will find tariffs at various conditions. Note that some offers are only available for a limited period of time. Your budget is limited? You're looking for a cell phone subscription that's very cheap? In our mobile phone subscription comparison you will also find offers starting at about CHF 15 per month. Depending on the rate, you can get 1.5 GB of data volume and a minute rate including 30 or even 60 free minutes.

Via Swisscom's network, UPC offers Switzerland's low-cost mobile subscription with 2 GB data volume starting at CHF 19 per month. Depending on how much you want to call, you can choose between a standard rate or a rate for unlimited calls for the mobile subscription comparison. With this tariff from UPC you can also make unlimited calls within Switzerland. 

Via the Sunrise network, Yallo currently offers customers 10 GB high-speed data as well as unlimited calls in Switzerland and the EU. With this tariff there is no minimum contract duration, i.e. you are flexible and can cancel at any time. So that you don't experience any surprises and really find your cheapest mobile subscription, you should always take an additional look at the activation costs when comparing mobile subscriptions. Tariffs without an activation fee usually help you to save money. You can get this cheap subscription for your mobile phone without an activation fee from Yallo from CHF 29 per month.

If 10 GB is not enough for you, you can use unlimited high-speed data with Wingo or Salt. You can also make unlimited calls within Switzerland via the Swisscom network at Wingo. 2 GB data volume for roaming within the EU is included in this rate. You can get these benefits for as little as CHF 25 per month. 


You must pay special attention to these details

With so many tariffs, it is difficult to keep track of them. It is actually not that difficult to find the cheapest mobile phone subscription in Switzerland: Just think about what you want to do with your phone. A good search function such as our subscription comparison portal alao helps you to discover tariffs that match your lifestyle exactly. For example, would you mainly like to use Messenger apps like WhatsApp or check your emails? Probably a subscription with two or three GB data volume will suffice. Of course you can also book unlimited data volume for your online correspondence, but in most cases you pay for services you don't need or use.

You don't want to miss out on games or streaming on the go? Choose a suitable low-cost mobile phone subscription with which you can surf the Internet without limits or which provides you with sufficient data volume.

Are you a low user when it comes to telephony or can't you do without your flat rate? If your communication is mainly limited to Internet telephony, then you might want to consider the low-cost mobile subscription, which provides sufficient data volume. If you do not want to use your mobile phone for calls, you can choose a subscription with a normal rate. You only pay that way when you're really on the phone. With a per minute rate, you can still make important calls with good call quality. With alao, you can get your unlimited mobile subscription at a very low price: a subscription with a telephony flat rate is offered from around CHF 19.

If you travel a lot abroad or in the EU, it's worth taking out a subscription that includes EU roaming. There are several providers who offer you a contingent between 500 MB and 10 GB. You can also find subscriptions that include unlimited EU roaming. However, you should be aware that higher demands are usually associated with higher costs. If flexibility is important to you or if you want to test whether the tariff really suits your needs, then choose an offer without a minimum contract period.

Just a subscription or a mobile phone with it?

Of course, you're looking for a cell phone subscription that's very cheap. But maybe you're thinking about picking a new cell phone with the contract. So you can use the latest mobile phone very early without making a big investment. These mobile phone contracts are often associated with higher costs, because after all, you also pay for the phone and not just for the subscription. Instead of CHF 20 or CHF 30, you can calculate between CHF 50 and CHF 80 per month, depending on your mobile phone model. You should also keep in mind that the contract cannot be cancelled at any time, but has a minimum contract duration. Cheap mobile subscription contracts can often be found with contract providers directly or on special comparison platforms.

Which is the cheapest mobile subscription for you?

As you can see, there is a subscription for every lifestyle. In order to find your perfect subscription, you should observe and recognize your habits and needs when using your mobile phone. Because this is not so easy, alao's individual search helps you with the preselection.

Cheap mobile phone subscriptions for children and teenagers

You can save money on mobile phone subscriptions for kids and teens by looking for special rates. It is important that you always have the maximum or minimum age of the provider in mind. In addition, it is also worthwhile here to shed more light on user behaviour. If the child only needs to be able to make calls with the mobile phone, a cheap subscription with sufficient free minutes is sufficient. For young people, the focus shifts to the use of mobile data, i.e. you should usually select a subscription with sufficient data volume.

Here you can find your cheap mobile phone subscription

Finding the right mobile subscription for your needs sounds complicated, but it's not. Use alao's individual search function to find your perfect mobile phone subscription and sign the contract straight away! The order works without a credit card and with the digital signature you can immediately sign the contract digitally.