How can I keep my phone number when I change providers?

It's a misconception that switching telephone providers is complicated. Many users are afraid of bureaucratic chaos and technical problems when taking their telephone number with them. So customers prefer to stay with their current provider - even if they pay too much there for years. We show how easy it is to change providers with and without number porting.

Change mobile phone provider but keep number:

1. if you have signed an additional contract with your telephone provider for the receipt of a device and have not yet paid off all installments, you will receive a final invoice for the remaining total amount in the event of premature termination of the contract.

2. It is similar if you withdraw from the mobile phone contract yourself before the official end. As a rule, you will have to pay a contractual penalty here. As an exception, such a penalty is not due if constant connection problems are the reason for your change. However, you should inform your provider immediately each time the network causes trouble. So it has the possibility of finding a solution.

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Advisor to the provider change

If you are looking for a mobile subscription or prepaid card from another mobile operator, you should follow these steps to make the right decision:

1. check which provider gives you the best reception at your preferred locations. On, you can view the network coverage of the various network operators at all addresses in Switzerland.

2. search for the mobile subscription or prepaid offer that best meets your needs. Try to estimate how much data volume you need for high-speed Internet connections so that you don't have to pay extra in the end. Calls abroad or calls on holiday outside Switzerland (roaming) can also be expensive due to high charges. Make sure that you calculate your needs correctly and conclude a mobile phone contract with the appropriate inclusive volume. On you can compare all mobile phone subscriptions in Switzerland.

3. You have to decide whether you want to receive a new device when you sign up for a new mobile subscription. Think also about the environment, which you pollute with each further Smartphone, Tablet, or similar. We recommend you: Use your old device as long as possible and buy a used device if necessary.

4. think carefully about how long you want the contract to last; one year, two years or possibly without a fixed term. If you receive a device together with the contract, you are usually bound to the supplier for two years.

5. decide whether you want to have a new phone number or keep your existing one. If the decision is "Keep number", you should not cancel the mobile subscription with your current provider until you have signed a contract with a new provider. If you cancel before you have submitted the request for number portability to the new mobile operator, you may lose your old telephone number.

6. If you don't yet have a new mobile subscription in sight, but still have to cancel your old contract, you should first transfer your previous telephone number to a prepaid card and park it there. But here, too, you should first sign a prepaid contract and apply for a phone number to be taken along, then cancel with your old provider.

Important for taking your telephone number with you

As soon as you know which mobile phone subscription you would like to book, the next steps are uncomplicated. Simply request an offer from the provider of your choice via You can also use to go to the site of the respective provider and order the new mobile subscription right away. You must provide the following information when ordering:

1. name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, nationality, type of proof of identity and the number of the proof of identity document.

2. you have to choose whether you want to keep your old phone number or get a new one. Sometimes you can choose one from the available phone numbers. It also happens that an additional amount is charged for numbers that are particularly easy to remember - so-called gold numbers. You pay more and more for cool functions!

3. Finally, you have to specify the day on which your previous telephone number is to be transferred from the old to the new provider. Even open invoices from the old contract do not prevent the phone number porting. Of course, you can still be claimed for the amounts still owed. Regardless of this, you may have to pay a penalty fee for the premature termination of the contract.

As soon as the new contract has been activated with successful telephone number transmission, the old contract should be deactivated automatically. The providers take care of the number porting among each other; you don't have to do anything else. Once the transfer is complete, your old number will work with the new SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a risk of losing data due to a change of provider?

To make sure that no pictures, contacts, or other stored information are lost, you should back up your smartphone.

2. Can I use my phone to make phone calls during the porting process?

While your phone number is being transferred from one provider to another, you can make outgoing calls using your old SIM card. Incoming calls will only work if you use the new SIM card.

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